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What do you get when you take a bunch of powerful and energy efficient blade servers, a big ol’ SAN, Hyper-V virtualization, Windows 2008 R2, SQL? A bigger, badder, greener, fast web site, of course.

Web Hosting - Statistics

Gathering and analyzing your web site traffic is an integral part of running a successful site. With the web statistics, you can do more than just view your site's views, visits and hits. For example, use the Interactive Reports to track visitors as they navigate through your site, find out where people come from and how they get to you and where they are when they leave your site. All of this information can help you plan optimization techniques or gauge marketing effectiveness, and puts you on the road to converting visitors to sales.

All of the Information You Need to Monitor Traffic to Your Site
  • Over 70 Standard Reports, all both textually and graphically represented.
  • Most widely used stats (views, visits, hits, etc.) available immediately from the Welcome Page once you log in.
  • Print or Email any Report Item for easy access to, and distribution of, traffic results.
  • Retrieve log data from Today or on this day a year ago.
Manage Search Engine Traffic
  • Keep an eye on which search engines are spidering your site and see how often they're visiting.
  • Keep track of the most popular keywords people are using to find you, and even see which keywords they're using on each search engine.
  • Use search engine reports in conjunction with Interactive Reports to track marketing campaigns and ROI.
Detailed Visitor Data
  • Check site activity by Hour, by Day, by Month and by Day of Week.
  • Check the top browsers and Operating Systems used to view your site.
  • Visitor information by country (if outside the U.S.) and state (if within the U.S.) available.
  • Find out where your visitors are coming from (referring sites, referring URLs, IP addresses, and more).
Additional Features
  • Check for any server errors your site generates (not simply 404's, but actual 5XX errors as well) to check how well we are hosting your web site.
  • Find out the Top Entry and Top Exit pages for your site, in addition to the Top Paths through your site.
  • Full bandwidth stats, including Top Files, Top Pages, Top Directories, Top Downloads, and more, all by bandwidth usage.
  • Full Search Engine stats, including all visiting search engine spiders/bots, top keywords and key phrases (including top keywords and key phrases by search engine), and more.
  • Drill down and see the Top Pages, Top Directories, Top Files, and more based on the number of views/visits.
  • Specify and remove specific information from your reports (e.g. traffic from an internal IP), cleaning your analysis to only true visitor traffic.
  • Over 13 Interactive Reports, generated "on-the-fly" from your actual logs, that allow you to "data mine" information.
  • Logs stored in a compressed format, giving you the ability to retrieve log file information that is over a year old in whatever format you want.
  • "Drill down" into your log files and find the information that is crucial to your site's effectiveness.
  • And MORE!

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