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Web Hosting Services

What do you get when you take a bunch of powerful and energy efficient blade servers, a big ol’ SAN, Hyper-V virtualization, Windows 2008 R2, SQL? A bigger, badder, greener, fast web site, of course.

Web Hosting - Email

The email service offered by 906 Interactive gives you the ability to communicate with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Included is FREE virus scanning, FREE spam and content filtering, detailed statistics on individual mail accounts, a complete web mail interface, alias administration and much more. Email has become the communication medium of choice, whether for personal or business communication. Therefore, you should get as many features as possible to help you manage all of your important correspondence.

Powerful Spam and Content Filtering
  • Keep your inboxes free from unwanted email.
  • Combine your spam weights with a set of content filters to increase your ability to manage your incoming mail.
  • Multiple methods of catching and eliminating spam available.
  • In addition, YOU select what you want done with suspect mail: bounce it, delete it, move it to a folder, etc.
Full Web Mail Access
  • Communicate from anywhere, with anyone, at any time using a simple web browser.
  • Online spell checking for those times when your brain moves faster than your fingers.
  • Compose messages in either plain text or in HTML for some added effect.
  • Create and delete IMAP folders from your browser.
  • Search feature for finding "misplaced" messages.
Statistics for Both the Domain and End Users
  • Keep track of incoming and outgoing messages for both the domain as a whole and each individual user.
  • Full mail bandwidth statistics available as well for both the domain and each user.
  • Statistics for all "alias" accounts that are created as well.
  • Use this information for gauging future usage and find those people "abusing" the service and causing overage.
Additional Features
  • The ability to compose messages from within the webmail interface.
  • Spell checking for outgoing messages.
  • The ability to compose messages in HTML format.
  • Manage contacts, including full mailing address and phone numbers.
  • Integration with all of the most widely used email clients, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and more.
  • Full Alias administration.
  • Automated "Vacation" messages.
  • A Catch-All acccount for managing mis-directed or mis-spelled email addresses.
  • Creation and deletion of IMAP mail folders.
  • Mail list management (may involve additional monthly fees).
  • Virus scanning of all incoming email prior to delivery to its destination.
  • And MORE!

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